Zhengzhou Laboao Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd.(LABOAO) is a manufacturing and sales company with rich experience and passion. We are committed to providing one-stop distillation turnkey solutions.

We specialize in distillation separation technology and have professional technical knowledge in the design and manufacture of distillation processing equipment and services. Viable solutions, reliable quality, and professional services enable us to provide a wide range of applications to customers worldwide. Our engineers are driven by the challenges of this emerging industry, and our entire team is excited to provide great products and solutions.

Our molecular distillation equipment, falling film evaporators, centrifuge extractors, rotary evaporators, glass reactors, etc. work daily in research labs, universities, R & D departments, mid and larger size firms and pharmaceutical companies around the world.

Over the past 10 years, we have always cooperated and communicated with manufacturers with advanced molecular distillation equipment design and manufacturing technology in the world. Our one-stop distillation solution has been widely used and praised in the United States, Canada, Germany, France and other regions.

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