10LB Turnkey Closed Loop BHO Extraction System
10LB Turnkey Closed Loop BHO Extraction System

10LB Turnkey Closed Loop BHO Extraction System

LABOAO supply of 10lb closed loop extractor is used for botanical extraction within a fully sealed and vacuumed system, permitting no solvents to be exposed to the air. Oil bearing solvent is collected in the bottom base of the extractor, The solvent is then separated or “recovered” leaving behind the purified oil. This unit is a passive unit which employs pressure differences brought on by the regulation of temperature to migrate solvent.
Available Models LCLE-10
  • In the closed-loop extractor, the solvent and compounds in the reaction are closed during the entire extraction process, avoiding volatilization and external contamination.
  • Allows operators to precisely control temperature, pressure and other operating parameters to ensure accuracy and repeatability of the extraction process.
  • Suitable for small laboratory scale to large-scale industrial production, operators can adjust the size and capacity of the system as needed.
  • The entire system also includes a solvent recovery system, which can recycle solvents, reduce costs and reduce waste generation.
  • Widely used in pharmaceutical production, natural product extraction, chemical industry, food science and other fields.
  • It is safer due to its tightness and control, reducing the risk of solvent evaporation and solvent leakage, helping to ensure operator safety.





10LB (customizable)

Extractor tank

12"x40" single jacketed recovery   tank with cooling coil and dip tube

10"x36" Single jacketed   collection tank

Splatter platter


Max pressure


Material column size

4"X48"(can be customized)

Filter dryer size


Cooling coil size


Body Material

304 Stainless Steel

Operating Temperature


Surface treatment

Sanitary high mirror polish

Connection method

High pressure clamp